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The Growing Need:

The individual consumer market:
  • It is anticipated that tens of millions of Americans will be losing their employer-sponsored dental plans as the cost of healthcare continues to grow.
  • Americans will be retiring by the millions over the next 5-10 years and there is no Medicare equivalent to dental insurance for seniors
The employer group market:
  • Employers are shifting the cost of dental to the employee. Compared to high-cost dental insurance, low-cost 1Dental plans are well suited for voluntary enrollment.
  • Our plans don’t have employee participation requirements or percentages unlike most insurance plans

"These non-insurance membership programs offer 20% to 60% savings"

Forbes11 Tips for Saving on Health Care Costs All Year Long

"53 percent of responding employers said they would drop employee dental and vision coverage if they needed to put the money toward a major medical plan."

Benefits SellingDiscount Plans’ Growing Popularity”

Easy to Sell

  • Just point your clients to your personalized 1Dental website and you earn recurring commission for each sale
  • Employer groups are easy to set up
  • With only one small rate increase in the past 10 years and the simplicity of the plan makes it administratively simple

Easy to Get Started

Get signed up to sell In just a few minutes with our simple contracting. Within 24 hours your personalized website will be set up, allowing you to sell online.

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Your Commission Structure

  • 1. Earn 100% of all Setup Fees.
  • 2. 25% commission on all collected premiums (less refunds).
  • 3. Level commission paid for the full life of each membership.
  • 4. 5% Override commission on every agent or broker you refer to sell 1Dental.

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